Monday, April 26, 2010

The weekend update with Jenn

What a weekend, I am pooped! Friday night we decided to give Jude a haircut, so he would look snazzy for our DC trip. He did well until the last few minutes, and then he was sick of feeling the vibration from the razor. Mike gave him a cute little buzz cut, and I think Jude looks precious.
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On Saturday we were up with the sun to greet the day with fundraising. Beverly Moore is a friend of ours and owns a pageant system that was being held in Dallas. A crown company donated a VERY large crown to her to give to one special little girl this weekend. The crown was over 12 inches tall, made of beautiful rhinestones, and at the base it said, "Emilys Smile Supreme".
Image and video hosting by TinyPic, one large crown huh?
Anyway, everyone that entered to win this gorgeous master piece had to pay $30, and all the proceeds went to Emily's Smile Boxes. The crown itsself was custom made, and very expensive. Emily was then able to hand pick the girl that had the best smile, and had the most inner beauty shining through. Emily sat there all day long, while I sat next to her. She made notes on every girl that took the stage, and narrowed the winner down to ten, then to five, and then she finally picked just one. It was a struggle for her, but she was very proud once she made her decision. She kept asking me if I thought the winner would be excited, and I assured her she would be.

We had to be back on Sunday morning when they announced the winner. At crowning they asked Emily to make an impromptu speech regarding her charity. Emily did very well, and then she said "and to date I have passed out over 750 boxes, and raised more than $600,000", I died laughing. She hasn't gotten a full grasp on money yet, and it was pretty cute. I corrected her, and let everyone know it was $6000. They then announced the winner, and the little girl was SO excited. Emily presented her with the crown, a banner, an official Smile Boxes teddy. With the entries, and generous extra donations, Emily walked out with more than $1200!! She will be using that money to purchase more supplies for the Cut A Thon, and box making party on May 23rd. Emily will now have 200 boxes for the kids to make, and 100 Build a bears.

Jude went with Emily, and I on Sunday, and he was so wonderful for me. He would smile, and laugh, and although he battled some large seizures, he still had a good time. After crowning we ventured out to meet a lady who wanted to buy some Scentsy. Then we went by the bank, and on to the mall. Emily needed a dress, and the girl would have shopped all day if I had not made her leave. While at the mall I noticed more people staring at Jude than usual. He was battling the continued seizures, but one person really got to me. She was probably in her 60's, and she started staring at Jude from the moment she saw him, and then continued to turn her head, and stare at him as we passed by. I turned to look, and she actually ran into someone else because she was still looking, and walking. I just chose to believe that she was admiring his new haircut.
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Jude had been dreaming a lot lately, which is something I have wondered about in the past. Does Jude dream with his neurological issues? The answer is yes! On Saturday night he was sucking a bottle in his dream, and last night he was cracking up. He was laughing so hard that he woke Mike, and I up. So then Mike had to make "kissy" noises so Jude would laugh even harder.

Wednesday we have our fair hearing to try to get Jude's nurse back. We now have a letter from Jude's neurologist that states he "feels it is in the patients best interest, and medically necessary to have a nurse in his home for his medical needs". He goes on to explain Jude's diagnosis, conditions, and medical needs. Therefore, if they still deny it, and anything happens to Jude in home, guess who is calling my attorney uncle?? THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE! I just want Jude to have the best chance at this life, and having his nurse made all the difference in the world. Some people do not like having nurses in home, but for 20 hours a week Jude enjoyed his, and so did Mike. I think she made them both

I have so much to do this weekend with our DC trip fast approaching on Saturday. I am taking some time off from doing anything. I will post on facebook regarding Smile Boxes, but I am not running any errands after work. I am tired, and need to catch my breath.


Vicki Parr said...

You guys wear me out just reading your blog! Jude is getting so big and is so handsome with his new hair cut! Have a great week and a fun trip to DC!

Candace said...

What a busy life! I sure an praying for Jude to get his nursing back! Hugs...

Katy said...

Hope everything goes well with the fair hearing! Glad the neurologist appealed on your behalf.

Staring. . . seriously, just smile while you're doing it, people! Really makes you feel better.