Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well I got some great recordings of Jude last night, and I left my camera at home, sigh! I was really excited about the recordings too, because Jude was really "talking". In addition to that he was trying to roll over, and he seemed to understand me when I would tell him to roll. He would stir his little arm like he was getting his motor ready, and then he would try to flip over. He was never succesful, but he definatley tried.

So maybe the Felbatol is working? I swear we go back in forth everyday with wondering if it's doing any good, causing the throwing up, etc. Anyway, I will post the video's tomorrow.

We got our airline tickets, itinerary, and everything else for Emily's Washington DC trip. We leave May 1st, and we are all very excited. I HATE TO FLY, but other than that it looks like a great trip!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

I can't wait to see the video! That's awesome! Jenn

Sherry C said...

Talking, following direction and trying to roll very cool. that is exciting!!

Katy said...

Well, even if he's not quite rolling yet, it's great that he knows what you're saying--go Jude!