Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Volcano baby

Jude, Bigsby (our dog), and I went on a walk when I got home yesterday. I originally put Bigs on a leash, but he really hates leashes, he also hates to walk. He ended up going for a "ride", while I walked.

He enjoyed the walk, and so did Jude, and Jude ended up putting his hand on Bigs while he was riding.

Today I start working out again on lunch, and I am looking forward to it. I am ready to have more energy, and get myself back again. It's not exactly what I want to do with my lunch hour, but it's the perfect time to go. It seems when I get home at night I have little time for anything, even my walk. So I will incorporate my working out into my work day.

Jude threw up again last night, and it's so frustrating. I like Candace's idea of having a trash can in each room, but with Jude it's more of a need for towels since he has no head control. Last night Jude required a bath, I required a bath, and we had to suction his nose. I am hoping this issue will resolve the most used to the medication her gets. Although, he threw up last night BEFORE I had given him the felbatol, which makes me think this may be an issue with boost. Mike says he mixes Pediasure, and Boost, but I believe Jude got more Boost yesterday.

Good news is the little car sleep pillow that straps on the front of the car seat worked to help keep Jude's head up. Also, Mike saw the GI specialist yesterday who proclaimed that Jude looks GREAT! He said that as of right now he doesn't think the G button is necessary unless we want to go that route for medications, etc. He explained that a nutritionist is going to tell us to get Jude one, but he believes that if we want to continue to wait we can. He stated that Jude is in the 25th percentile on weight, and 95th on height, so he is going to be thin. So therefore, we are going to wait a bit. I don't think this will help us retain Charlotte, but we will see. Insurance did approve all of Jude's suction equipment, which will help with the throw up, saliva choking issues, etc.

So my aunt is watching Jude this Saturday so Mike, and I can get away for a night. We are going overnight on a mini vacay for Mike's birthday. We need the break, but I am worried about leaving my aunt with a puking baby! Hopefully, this won't happen. I am trying to work out in my mind how we can time the medications so we can give them before we leave for the night. I also think we will venture with JUST Pediasure that day. We love Jude, and Em with all our hearts, but it will be nice to have a night with uninterrupted sleep, and to just relax. After Jude threw up last night he cried for ... again ........45 minutes, just screaming. Mike, and I laid in the bed holding him just staring at the ceiling, wishing for Calgon! So again, it will be nice to get away, but I know we will call her fifty times. I trust her with him 100%, and she just dotes on him, but let's home for a puke free night.


kate c said...

Hi Jen - Such good news about the g-tube! I'm so happy that he is growing well. My son Miles (who has a g-tube) can not tolerate the Boost.. is it the 1.5 cal formula? It's too rich for him. We have to water it down. We also started making our own "formula" that is goat's milk based. It changes a lot but generally has a combination of berries,yogurt, agave, walnut oil (for cals, advocado, etc. Goats milk is really great for sensitive stomachs. It doesn't have that super sweet taste of Boost or pediasure. Of course you would really have to blend it down to get through a bottle nipple. Just some ideas.. I have been in puke land for a couple years so I can understand your frustration!

Candace said...

Hey Jenn that's good news about the G tube! Mike and you must be working really hard to get everything down him. I am sure you guys will have a wonderful time this weekend!