Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am better today, not completely emotionally healed, but better. Mike, and I had a long talk last night so hopefully that will help. After much digging it seems Mike is just having a hard time coping with the fact that Jude will never get better. It's a realization that no matter what he does Jude cannot be "healed". That doesn't mean Mike doesn't appreciate Jude, it's just something to deal with. Since Mike stays home with Jude he considers our house his sanctuary, and when things get out of whack there, then his life is off balance.

Anyway, I am hoping our trip away this weekend will give everyone some time together, and some time to forget our daily ordeals. I am going to finish packing everyone tonight, and I heard from American Special needs flight services today. I am hoping the flight goes well with Jude in my lap.

We received word that Jude's lab results are back which were measuring his levels of medication. The nurse said she was going to have the doctor call us with the results. Word to the wise, when a nurse tells you that a doctor is going to call you with results, you sigh!! Mike also tried to get his Depakote refilled, but there is a hold on the prescription. So I am patiently waiting to hear from the doctor, and when I say patient, I am lying.

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Candace said...

Well I am glad you got things at least a little settled. It sure does take a BIG tole on our marriages. I sure hope that Jude's levels and all the blood work come back ok and that you are worried for nothing. We finally got approval for Faith's brand Keppra after nearly 3 months of wrangling...failing meds, having seizures and insurance crap. She got approved for brand for....10 years! Can you believe it?