Friday, April 30, 2010

I have one hair left on my head

I was about to start my blog this morning when I got a phone call from Mike who was upset. He let me know that the pharmacy department at Walgreens had messed up Jude's prescription, again. So guess what that means? Yep, I was calling all over Texas trying to get it all handled. Each time they get someone new in their pharmacy they end up billing Aetna who denies the Depakote rather than Medicaid. Aetna is our primary insurance, and they have issues with the Depakote, so the Medicaid backs them up due to Jude's special needs. After much frustration with the pharmacy I finally called Medicaid, and got a very nice lady on the phone. She called the pharmacy on conference, and we got the actual pharmacist herself. I thought to myself that the pharmacist was being extremely rude to us, and when she put us on hold.......for 9 minutes......I asked the other lady on the line what she thought. She too said the pharmacist was extremely rude, and there was just no reason for it. So all in all it turns out the medication was entered into the system incorrectly, and the assistant called to tell Mike the medication would be ready in ten minutes. So that was hours ago, and Mike just went to pick up the medication, and they tried to charge him for it...sigh. Boy, I need a nap!

On top of that it's been one stressful day at work. I looked at Jen in my office and said "Girl I need a three Muskateer and a shot of whiskey". I don't even drink whiskey so she thought that was hilarious, and a very odd combination. She just replied, "this week is fired".

Jude had a good night last night, and was full of giggles and smiles for me. I rushed around the house thinking of items we needed to take to DC, and I will be finalizing the packing tonight. Emily was also in rare form last night, and cracked me up. It seems she has become miss saucy pants. Emily is going to DC to accept her award as one of Texas top youth volunteers, and she is so very excited. While in DC they will award the top ten youth volunteers in the nation, which is a huge honor. Not only would it benefit her charity in so many ways, but it would also benefit Emily. Well last night Mike was flipping through the pages of all the state honorees, and he said "Goodness girl.......I dunno.......there are some really good kids in here". Well before I tell you what she said let me give you a background piece. At Emily's pageants, school competitions, etc I try to teach her good sportsmanship. I have a tendency to say the same thing Mike said, but in some other format, so she won't get hurt if she doesn't win. I explain to her there are many great children, and no matter who wins, she is always a winner to me, etc. Well last night she whipped her head around and said "Look I am sick of hearing that! I hear it every time I have something I am going to do. I want to win......OK? There is nothing wrong with wanting to win, and I want to. I will be okay if I don't, but I want to, really really bad So don't tell me I may not OKAY? ". Okkkkkkkk. Mike's eyes just got big, and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders mouthed "hormones", and Mike continued to read. Then he said, "Wait a minute these kids I am reading are older, and Em is so maybe just maybe" and Em gave him a stern look. Thus with that enough was said! You had to be there, even though it sounds rough, she said it harmless, and it was funny.

So tomorrow we leave. We have good friends looking after our reservations on American, and I know they will have us in good hands. I will try to blog while we are away, but I may not be able to. On Monday May 3rd they will web cast the announcement of the national winners. Every child that is stepping into this award, and competition is amazing. They have dedicated their hearts, and time to servicing others without expecting anything in return. So this trip is a huge treat for them. I encourage you to tune in, and watch the ceremony because they are all deserving of the win. These kids bring hope to America, and a brighter future to all who encounter them. Congratulations to the 2010 Spirit of the Community award winners, all 102 of them!


Purple Quilter Queen said...

Good Luck Emily! We are all rooting for you!!! Jenn

Katy said...

You might want to look into a pharmacy that isnt' a national chain. I've had so many problems with Walgreen that I will NEVER go back--even though they are closer to my house. We go to a locally-owned place and they are great and we've had no problems since we started using them.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is from so long ago but i had the pleasure to meet your family. So sweet, so kind, andu unforgettable the love and the life you still carry on. I have felt so much pain for thr loss of Jude and cannot phathom your one can.