Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So I cheated a bit last night. I was so tired, and ready for a bit of me time that I put Em, and Jude in my bed. She had actually asked to fall asleep in my bed, and I snuck Jude in beside her. I knew he would be comforted she was there. It took them all of five minutes to look like this.
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I then snuck off to the living room, and enjoyed some time to myself. Jude did better last night, but he still woke up about midnight screaming. Mike picked him up so I could sleep before work, because I was exhausted from the night before. I asked Mike to give Jude some Motrin, and after he gave him that, and some Mylanta, Jude fell right back to sleep.

My aunt came today to give Mike a break for a bit, and therapy came again today. Mike had called and said that Jude had a very long seizure prior to ECI arriving, and he seemed very distant during therapy. My understanding is that the seizure was rather violent. I hate that we are starting to frequently travel the seizure highway again. Jude is still taking some solids throughout the day, and is drinking his pediasure.

The weather may be playing a factor in Jude's seizures.


Anonymous said...

I hear you about the exhaustion! Our little one rocked and rolled last night and I am feeling it, yet can't sleep! Hope that you get some rest.
Dannette (blog follower)

Kaidence's Mommy said...

Poor little man, it just breaks my heart. I hope that things will settle down a bit. We are praying for a happy and restful day for you tomorrow!

I need to send your daughter a picture of Kaidence. The bunny that she sent in the smile box has been added as a 'must have' for Kaidence's bedtime ritual. She LOVES it!

Cjengo said...

How cute, I would love to see the picture, and Emily would too!!!