Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice cold hands

I have been so busy at work with our new rates I have had little time to blog. Today Mike happily reported that Jude has been eating a lot of solids. This is such great news for us, and I hope he continues this trend. Mike said he is a bit leery because Jude is doing so well, and he is so used to getting rug pulled out from under him. Mike seems a lot better now since Jude is eating.

We had so many people come forward, and offer to help with Jude. It was very touching, and we are still working on that. My aunt has said she wants to come one day a week, but I would like to have someone else a day as well. We are grateful to our friends, and family that are there with us. The Scentsy parties people are throwing for me, are really helping a lot, and it's much appreciated.

Jude received his hand splints yesterday, and he seems to like them. He kept giggling while they were on yesterday. We have heard differing opinions on the splints, and I guess time will tell how they will work for Jude. ECI is also trying to get Jude another stander. We are very grateful to Jocalyn for allowing us to use Kendall's, but now Jude will hopefully have his own loaner. Jude is about the same milestone wise. He cannot sit, he coos, he doesn't try to walk, or crawl. I am hoping that someday he will. He stills smiles a whole lot, and scans the room to find me when I call him.

One issue we are having is Jude's hands and feet are ICE cold when he sleeps regardless of blankets, and the heater. I have heard differing opinions on this issue as well. I have read that this is common with people with brain injuries. I have also heard it can be an indication of an issue with blood/oxygen flow, and an indication there may be a problem. Any other special needs moms out there know any answers?

Here are some pictures of the kids last night in my bed. I love how it seems they are both looking at the camera. I know that I just happened to catch Jude as he moved his head towards me, but it still warms my heart.
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Candace said...

He's growing, Jenn! He seems to be losing that baby-look. Emily is so beautiful and such a good sister!

Vicki said...

Awwww! They look so snuggable and huggable! I can't believe how big Jude is getting and I too noticed he is losing the baby look and his eyes.....they are just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

We use baby legs for our little one's feet. I do socks and then the baby legs cover part of her foot and up her leg - it helps keep her warmer.
So glad to hear he is eating better as I know that has to help Mike feel better - I am the pusher of calories here and know the stress when our girlie isn't eating well!

Dannette (mom who follows your blog)

Katy said...

Charlie's has had ice cold hands and feet lately and generally he has good circulation--I think it's just the cold, cold weather. We've been doing a soak in hot water if his hands and feet get to cold. I do that too if I'm chilly:)

Charlie started trying to crawl at about fifteen months, but it was still tough. They move slowly.

Debbie said...

I know what you mean about the pics...
You would never even know Jude had anything wrong with him by looking at those pictures...I treasure pictures where it appears Hudson is looking at me...because typically it's that "seizure-e" stare that I get in pictures!
Your babies are precious!