Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Croup

Well mama Jenn has diagnosed Jude's issue as Croup. What is Croup? How do I know this? Because Emily had it, on more than one occasion. Jude is not running a fever today, he is very stuffy, and he has that distinct barking cough. The cough gets better after he sits by the hot shower in his little Tumble Forms chair. The issue also got better yesterday outside in the cold air, two indications to me, it's croup.

Jude doesn't aspirate, or as of his last swallow test he doesn't, and he is able to get deep breaths in after the steam had settled around him. I think he has a simple cold, caused by allergies, that turned into Croup.........same route Em took as a child. You know, that's one of the first times I have been able to correlate my children's childhood experiences.

So he had a total of ten seizures yesterday, and after I wrote my blog he did in fact go sound to sleep, and stayed that way. Well, stayed that way until 2am, and then he woke up with that nasty croup cough, and started crying. I put him in bed with me, until he fell back asleep. I then placed him back in his bed, until he was afflicted with the cough again. That morning I woke Mike up, and he said he was suppose to go get his mom to watch Jude today. Mike is still not feeling well, and he had an appointment in Denton for Jude that he had to make. So I texted and told my boss I would be a little late. Mike left early to get his mom, and I was able to stay with Jude until they got back. I know Mike's mom will sit with Jude as long as he will let her hold him, and that made me feel comfortable enough to leave for work.

Hopefully this will pass soon, and his seizures will drop. I really think it's because the croup was coming on that the seizures picked up.


Candace said...

Prayers for quick recover, Jenn. How bout that seizures suck blog! LOL!

Ellen said...

Hey, Jenn. Man, I am sorry about the croup. It's nasty, I know. And I'm sorry they seem to have triggered seizures. I hope this all passes QUICKLY. A big hug from Max to Jude.

Sherry C said...

hope today is looking up I bet Croup is nasty poor little guy .. knock on wood I haven't experienced that one yet.