Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots of weekend updates

Although I enjoy being busy, whirlwind weekends can leave me gasping for air. I invite the chaos of my life in, so I have no room to complain. As I mentioned, Saturday we made a smile box drop off at Scottish Rite. This was the first time Emily was actually able to pass boxes out to the patients themselves. We have since decided that we will now make Smile Boxes based upon ages on the patients vs generic boxes for any age. We will make 25 of each age set set upon 1-4, 5-8, 9-13, and 14 and above, or somewhere within those parameters.

Sunday was a combination of emotions. I had hosted a baby shower for my friend Carrie with several friends of mine. I have known Carrie for over twenty years, and she has been a loyal and wonderful friends to me. On the other hand Katy's funeral was that afternoon, and I wanted to be there to say goodbye. Although, I stayed here, and followed through with my commitment to my adorable Carrie, and thought of Katy each time I picked up Jude. Several times I though I would well up with tears, but I held that back until I got home. We never know how thankful we should be for our children until we are faced with a circumstance when we might lose them.

I admired all of Carrie's wonderful gifts, and the day was filled with it's normal "Jenn" fiasco's!! I left early to get the cake, but it wasn't made...........even though I ordered it a month ago. The grocery store had a ridiculous line, etc etc. I rushed home to throw my hair up, and donned my pink Cowboys Jersey. I knew I should wear something nice for the shower, but I explained to my friend that I had to support the boys.........although IT DIDN'T HELP. ugh! We had a great time at her shower, talking, chatting, and enjoying each others company. Soon the time come that we had to leave, and I packed up my stuff and headed for our truck. I had to lift Jude's wheelchair up, which still kills my back, and I wondered if anyone saw. I try to stress to people that this is our normal, so it's okay! It's not really normal though, and I would prefer to be packing up a stroller, vs a wheelchair.

Jude is still going through an issue with crying for about an hour straight at night, I am unsure what the problem is. Motrin seems to solve the issue, but it takes awhile for it to work. His seizures have also increased to where they seem almost constant to me. We will be calling the neurologist today!

I am working today, and due to the holiday the day started off very slow. I am not so busy that I had to take a lunch just to have a break for a few seconds to return some emails, and blog. I am going to post some pictures from the weekend, I hope you enjoy.

Ginger, and Melanie, we have been friends for 20 years, at Carrie's shower.
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Emily and her boxes at Scottish Rite:
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Em getting hugs for her box:
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My family holding Jude this weekend:
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Mike helping Jude with head control:
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Katy said...

You know, Charlie went through a late night screaming thing and it was definitely related to seizures. Once we had the seizures under control, that stopped. Not sure if that helps you at all, but I thought I'd let you know.

Candace said...

Whoa, Jenn, you were busy! Way to go, Emily, for your smile boxes. Seems like they were a hit! I loved the picture of your family with Jude, he is getting big and so handsome! What a looker......