Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Renal sonogram

So I was scheduled for my second renal sonogram today. Hearing the word renal will send someone into a tizzy alone. It's not as horrible as it sounds though it's a simple sonogram on your kidneys to make sure they are functioning. Sounds like it has to do with a different part of your body though doesn't it? (smile). See I have developed hydronephrosis of the right kidney due to this pregnancy. Which basically means the uterus (or something) is putting pressure on my right ureter and thus keeping it from allowing the kidney to drain. So my left one is compensating and all is well except the pain. I have learned to drink as much water as possible though and that forces the "kink" in the ureter open. So I am sitting there patiently having the sonogram and the sweet little tech girl says with concern "Um have you ever had a problem with your liver or gallbladder before?". I reply very annoyed "Um noooooooooooooooooooooooo why?" she pauses and then replies "Well I cannot really tell you yet, but I will have the head radiologist come in and talk with you (she pauses) although he might want to write a report, and let your doctor discuss this with you" Flashes of my mother's liver problems (although brought on by drinking flash through my mind because she had an enzyme problem in her liver ARGH omg, panic!) So I am sitting there waiting on the head guy to come see me and I am texting my cousin just furious. Mad that I am once again sitting in a doctor's office waiting on them to give me news. News that I didn't ask for!!! I am in severe pain, but I don't go into their office complaining about it. Poor Mike and Sarah just hear me..all day...lol! So she finally comes back in, and explains the head doctor had to rush off to an emergency, but he gave her permission to tell me that I now have fluid in left kidney, and have developed gallstones. I was split between feeling very annoyed that the girl scared the living hell out of me, and aggravated I have yet another issue. I do know that gallstones can form from pregnancy, and the pressure not letting your gallbladder drain properly. This all seems to be pressure related problems. So she said she wasn't sure how I was handling all the pain because it had to be unbearable. I explained I have a high pain tolerance, but that it isn't anything I couldn't handle yet. So there ya go. More crap, but all issues pregnancy can create! I hate hearing about people being sick and I am sure people are sick of me....gees! I would be on my nerves.......I am on my nerves! I feel like my old grandma was with all her ailments. I am good though and thank goodness it wasn't serious. Pain I can deal with. whew! Crazy lil girl scared me!

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