Saturday, July 5, 2008

Holiday Weekend

So far I have had a relaxful weekend and it has been nice. I have gotten a lot of sleep so far and its helped cure my cold, and I am feeling much better!!! We went to my father's house yesterday and enjoyed a great meal for the 4th. Since they live in the country we got to shoot of fireworks, and that's always a good time. Mike likes to make fun of my fountains I buy to shoot of, but they make me happy..ha! Jude has been very active the past two days. I am thinking he needed the rest as well. Next weekend is his shower and I am very excited. I am beginning to realize he is going to be here very soon. Mike got to feel his little foot trying to escape yesterday and was amazed. Jude began the same gymnastics the afternoon and Emily got to feel. She just stared at me and said. "WOW!" So all in all it's been a good weekend. I did call into my works voice mail just to make sure no one had a claims emergency they didn't call into the claims number. I got a bit of a laugh after I heard the voice mails. There were only 3 and all 3 were people that were very late on their payments, and they were angry we were not open on the 4th. Um they were off and it is a national holiday?!?! I was confused.
On another note and very off the topic, but insight into me. Most everyone knows that I love movies.. in fact am rather passionate about them, and I also like to read. So what better thing for me then to read than an article written by Stephen King. He is a profound writer and has had excellent movies made after his work. The article was featured in Entertainment Weekly and he was discussing what he thinks makes a good scary movie. I loved loved the article, and found great interest in it because people always ask me if I have seen a particular horror film which many times I reply "no". Why? Because it is not realistic and therefore to me is not all. Freddy Krueger? PLEASE! Who can fall asleep and be terrorized in their dreams by some burnt crazy man...ridiculous plot. I have always believed that the smaller low budget films seem to be better, and in his article he stated just that. Some of my top horror movies? Blair Witch Project, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho (scared the bejesus out of me when I was little), Scream, The Shining, etc. My hubby loves horror movies, but unless it is one that really works I just don't like them. He did have me watch Hostile and that's a scary plot. They also don't have to be scary, but just have a great subject like "The Sixth Sense" (loved it). Anyway, the point of my rambling is I loved the article and the fact he said less is much more and it's so true. I like all aspects of movies and the fact he points out that the crowd is not dumb and knows when special effects or blue screens are being used is perfect! There are some days I could just say give me a great drama like Gone with the wind, or Steel Magnolias vs a stupid demon chasing Betty Lou and her copied scream for the 100th time. Give me the good old movies with a great plot and less blue screen!

On another note there is a huge UFC fight tonight. My cousins family and mine normally watch them together, but she is in Memphis. So if she is reading this we will record it for ya!! :)

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Just wanted to let you know a huge group left the Sept '08 JM board because of some drama that happened behind the scenes. If you're wondering where we all went, here is the link: