Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am better today! I slept in late so I think that helped. Sorry I was so crabby yesterday. Anyway, I think I just get very stressed about my job. I am working from home, and even though I am swamped everyday I feel like I am not doing enough. Plus when my boss calls about something it stresses me out. I guess I have decided to just take it easy and not worry anymore (yeah right). If something happens to my job then I find another one but I like my job so let's hope it doesn't. Well I am going to enjoy a nice weekend with my husband. Everyone have a fabulous weekend. Jude is craving pancakes so I am going to fix some!

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LisaA said...

Jenn, You probably don't remember me but I met you at Ryan & Kel's party a few months back. I've heard and read about the problems in your pregnancy. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you all.

I had twins back in February and had many complications with my pregnancy. I actually had the same doctors as you, Graham & Payne (good guys). I just want to say to hang in there and know that you, your doctors and Baylor will provide excellent care for your son. I know first hand how hard it is (with all the stress, bed rest, meds, boredom, etc) to go through this but you will make it and so will Jude. I can tell your faith is strong. Just keep holding on to that.

Lisa Abanatha (Daniel Abanatha's wife)