Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Morning 4/30

Well I go to the dr at 10am. I will try not to make this blog so down. I did however as noted before have the worst issues with this kidney problem yesterday and last night. I woke up about 4:45 feeling like I had been hit in the back with a bat. Emily was asking what it felt like and when I told her that she replied "Like my softball bat? Not a ball but a bat? that stinks!". I was late getting her to school....which I always feel horrible about. I was just in some serious pain. Anyway, when I walk in to check her into school the front lady looks at me like I am going to get detention for this......THAT LADY SCARES ME! Anyway, on another note I called the school about 4 weeks ago and talked with the counselor. I explained what was going and asked her to talk with Emily to make sure she is doing ok. Granted I talk to Em all the time about things but sometimes an outside source can get more out of a child that's afraid of hurting their mother. You think she has talked to her? No. So I asked witchypoo at the front desk what was taking so long and she explained the TAKS test. Um........I guess I fail to understand what the counselor is doing with the TAKS test.?!?!? Counseling kids through it....isn't that cheating? Ok, so anyway I guess we will see what dr says about the kidney but right now I will settle for an epidural and be a very happy camper. I also had very odd dreams last night. I dreamt I was with my grandparents that raised me and we were in California. Mike and I had to get home for my dr appt, but the drive was 16 hours away. I kept asking my grandparents to come with me but they would explain they were not allowed to. Then I dreamt they told me I needed to terminate the pregnancy and I just couldn't do it. I remember telling the dr I couldn't be responsible for stopping his heartbeat...ugh! Anyway, so I woke up early, and writhed around the bed. Poor Mike finally gave up and got up really early. I love him being there though and couldn't do all this with out him.
Ok so let's stray from the sad stuff for awhile. One thing that makes me happy lately is watching American Idol. I haven't been into this show since Kelly Clarkson won...yeah yeah I am behind the times. I normally don't watch a lot of tv though, but I have to sit when I get home now and that's about all there is to do. So I have watched every episode this time and I love the people on there. So I kinda feel sorry for these kids though. As much as I love musicals they stuck the poor saps with Andrew Lloyd Weber last week....really? I mean I know we are looking for a huge range of talent, but Phantom of the opera and Evita?? really? Then this week it's Neil Diamond....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So let's see.

Syesha ~ Synosha it's time to go buh bye! I don't even remember what she sang...regardless of the fact she was decent she needs to go

Brooke White - Her second song was very good and she knew it. She has been on my nerves lately but redeemed herself last night

David Archuletta - Still reminds me of a muppet and I just cannot STAND watching him anymore. He has got to gooooooooooo! He is Clay Aiken 2

Jason Castro - Oh my poor pretty Jason....he bombed last night but I mean it was Neil Diamond. I think Jason has great potential as the next Jack Johnson, but he is not Neil Diamond.

David Cook - This man can sing anytime, anywhere, and any ones songs and sound good. If he doesn't win this competition I am going to rustle up some 16 yrs olds and smash their lil pink phones to bits for over texting for muppet boy. I saw someone compare him to the pic of Scooter and it cracked me up!!!

Ok off to the dr.

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Mama Duck said...

Missed you at dinner last night. But I see you were too busy with American Idol......