Monday, April 28, 2008


Ok so here is how the week will look. Wed I have a 10am appointment with my OB. I asked them for a 4D sonogram. Which basically won't tell us much but God forbid we do lose Jude I will have nice pics of him. Thursday I have an appt at 9am with a neurosurgeon at Baylor in Grapevine, and then a 3:45pm appt for a re-scan of Jude's ventricles. Lot's of prayers needed for Thursday seeing as if they have enlarged it's a pretty good indication he is heading towards Hydrocephalus and brain damage. See in his case it's not just a simple procedure of installing a shunt if he develops fluid on the brain it's a bad sign. Friday I have another neurosurgeon appt with someone at Cooks Childrens in FT Worth. I wanted 2 opinions unless for some reason I get over to the one in Grapevine Thursday and just love them. Jude has been kicking again today so he is there and thriving for the time being. My Ob's nurse asked "So did the MRI doctor think he would survive or would you lose him" Ummmmmm gees. I know she has to ask but what a question. I know the chances of Jude surviving look bleak, but let me tell you this. I have had an "instinct" each time I have gone into the dctr before these tests that we were not going to receive good news. This time I feel different. I feel like his vents are going to be the same. I think the brain compensates for the lacking in other has been shown to. I think he may be ok. I don't know for sure but I feel like he may. Oh my OB also informed me that all my blood work came back fine. Which means this was not caused by a virus, etc. She also said my platlet level is back up which is a good sign I am getting healthier. Also, my kidney has not been hurting at all. I am pretty much living off Pepcid because this lil booger is giving me a lot of heartburn...ha! I am up, down, sad, happy to feel him kick, a real bi***, etc. So let me apoligize now if I offend anyone by the way I am acting, etc. It also really just stinks getting up and going on with life everyday, but I guess this is how life works. Oh and on a good note my boss has been super nice today about all this. He is really a trooper being supportive.

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Hey chick. I have been keeping up on all your blogs, thanks for keeping us updated. You are one of the stongest people I know and I know Jude is lucky to have you as his mom. I have no doubt you will make the best decision for him. Just know you have a ton of prayers and love headed in your and Mike's direction.