Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Migraines and Moms

Years ago after I had Emily I started suffering from Migraines but over time they went dormant. Now that Jude has passed I have started suffering from them again. They are infrequent but still hit me occasionally and when they do it's like the depths of hell just runs over my head. I think it's hard for co-workers and friends to understand what a migraine really feels like. My co-worker Chandi suffers from them so when I text her today she knew exactly what I was going through. However this migraine also came with swelling to my left side of my face so the general consensus is a sinus infection. Anyway, this was the best photo I found to demonstrate what a migraine feels like. 

Last night I sat down and watched Moana with Emily and it was like old times again. We were watching a Disney movie together and enjoying that time together as a family. I am going to miss those times when she goes away to college. It hit me last night that she is really going away but I know she will be back.  I guess we just raise them the best we can to send them off into this world. 

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Cynthia Bowers said...

True. Those that suffer from migraines suffer debilitating pain, which disrupts their day-to-day activities. It is hard to understand unless you have experienced it. There are many causes of migraines hormones, stress, TMJ, food additives, medications, too little sleep, drinks, and bright lights. Many suffers have to lie down with a migraine because the pain is so intense.