Friday, November 27, 2015

Figuring out what to do.......

We are suppose to leave today to meet Emily in Houston and watch her compete but Jude is not feeling well. He is suppose to go stay with his nurses and some of our family at the Hospice House. So I have no doubt he will be well taken care of since it's basically a hospital type facility. However getting him there may present some issues because Jude keeps vomiting. Mike was suppose to take Jude to the facility this morning while I went to an appointment. Nurse Alan was going to follow behind Mike and be there to work his shift at hospice until the night nurse came on. I had it all arranged that Jude would never at any time be alone. However there is now no way Mike can transport Jude alone. So I am unable to sleep mulling over options in my head. Mike jokingly said "don't ever plan on going anywhere", which we only go somewhere once a year and it's for Emily.

I think the best option is calling hospice to see if Jude can get medical transportation to the hospice facility and Mike can Uber back home. Second option is Mike stay home and I go ahead to Houston. Then Jude can stay home and be with his nurses here, but then I have to find a way to Houston. I would probably wait until my two friends that are going would be available. After my horrific wreck I have issues driving on large highways........yes it's weird. Anyway, the final option would be to have Jude stay at home with his nurses. My aunt is coming to stay with Jude during the five hour gap on Sunday so I would have to ask someone to come stay with her. I would probably ask my friend Gena who has a lot of medical experience with special needs. However that third option to me is a bit risky because I am depending on a lot of people to show up, be on time, and not leave a nurse working a longer shift.

I am worried about Jude and worried about leaving him. However I am also worried about getting to Houston and even though it's very much a first world problem I am frustrated. My aunt who was an RN offered earlier in the week to come in and I should have taken her up on that. One thing I am not worried about is Emily. She is well prepared and is already in Houston.

We will figure it out this morning and I will post an update. Jude is sleeping right now. He has only thrown up once this morning. I am pretty convinced the pneumonia has spread and that's what is causing this issue. He is running a fever and the vomit is a tale tale pneumonia sign.

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