Monday, October 5, 2015

Kids down! Kids down!

Poor Emily has been sick since last week and doesn't seem to be improving. She was seen by a doctor Friday night who prescribed her an antibiotic but with no improvement I believe she was misdiagnosed. So I will be taking her back to the doctor at 3:30 today. 

In addition to Emily being sick Jude isn't feeling well either. I noticed that he was sleeping a very extended period of time yesterday which indicated something was going on. This morning he woke up with a seal like bark and finally coughed up a large amount of congestion. So we have hospice going to visit him today. However if Emily has something viral then that's probably what Jude has and viral just has to take it's time to work it's way out of the body. I did not like the way his cough sounded at all so I am hoping his body can fight this appropriately. 

I was a little frustrated that I would have to leave work early to take Emily to the doctor. It always seems I am leaving early but since I just miss an hour here or there I still haven't exceeded my allotted number of hours for sick days/time off. So then I began to think that it would be nice to just take a day off without anyone sick but I slapped myself for being negative. The kids may be sick but I have wonderful children. I may have to take her to the doctor but I am blessed to live in a country that has great medical care around the corner from my house. I have a car to get me to and from work and the doctor and a nice house for my kids to stay in. I have the means to get their prescriptions, juice filled with vitamin C, and blankets to make them feel better. We are the lucky ones. 


Jesse Sowell said...

you are amazing!

jennifer Silver-Hudnall said...

An aquired attitude of gratitude and reframing a situation is often a God send for me when I start feeling overwhelmed and disenchanted with the happenings in my life. Having kids is tough but having a family with people in it who are severely disabled is really hard. Prayers for you and yours.