Monday, September 28, 2015

and the little ambulance goes weeee wooo weee wooo..........

I am just now getting a chance to update from our adventurous week - weekend. Mike and I got to bed rather late on Thursday night only to be awoken by a startling knock at our door around midnight. Our night nurse was upset and said she had accidentally pulled Jude's feeding tube out. Jude has a GJ tube which means a portion of the tube goes into the stomach and the other part into his intestine. As she was putting him back into his bed the port of the tube got snagged on the side of the bed and was ripped out. Jude was screaming, she was upset, and Mike and I just looked at each other. Mike said "Mic key button". I replied "Yes... It should be in his room. You get that I will call 911". Calmly I called 911 and Mike placed a spare button in the hole in Jude's tummy to prevent it from closing up. There was a debate between Mike and myself on whether we should actually transport Jude but I decided it was a go. From a mothers stand point I wanted to make sure he was okay and get the procedure done as soon as possible the next morning. I knew they couldn't replace the tube in the ER since it's an extensive process. I wanted him to get back home as soon as possible. 

The sweet nurse followed behind the ambulance in her car and I knew she was worried. Once we got to the ER they checked to make sure Jude was okay and then the nurse left. Jude and I finally got to a room about 6am. We then got about two hours rest before we were up and going again. The hospital said they had a lot of procedures that day so they were happy we were there early. I actually got to sit in on the procedure with Jude and he was literally an angel. He barely even flinched when they laced the long tube back down his little body. Once we got back into the room he was very happy. I think he was just happy we got to spend some quality time together even though it was in a stressful situation.  

He was such a little trooper. After the procedure we had to obtain medical transport home and that proved to be difficult. We originally had a full medical team with teddy bear transport lined up but there was a critical situation they were rerouted to on care flight. So then I called hospice who helped get Med Star lined up and we finally rolled into our house about 7:30pm on Friday evening. We were very thankful to be back home. When the nurse got there at 9:30 Jude and I both went fast to sleep! 

I did have to add a note to this blog before I closed. Throughout the stay at the hospital I kept hearing "you brought so much stuff" but I would just giggle. The initial time I heard this was with ambulance  that picked Jude up. Mike and I are so well versed at emergency situations that we literally move like a flow chart. One person packs meds, one packs diapers, the parent overnight bag, etc. This is the system you follow to make sure you are well prepared regardless of what situation may pop up. When we initially got into ER room the ambulance crew began to unload Jude from the stretcher. The nurse asked for Jude's medications so I handed her his medication list and explained we brought all his meds as some aren't available from their pharmacy. I explained I had his diapers because his size are not easy to find in the ER and then pulled out some other supplies I knew would be needed. Then turned to the nice EMT and said "This is why we have so much stuff". He just smiled and we wished each other well as he ran off to another case. 

So I told a fib more ouchie IV stick but hopefully no more! 

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