Monday, May 18, 2015

Frustrating end to the weekend.

So this weekend was good but the end wasn't so great. Friday night I guess I got bit by something in my sleep. I woke up on Saturday with this large welt under my skin on my cheek. I thought it was just acne and didn't pay much attention to it until it started swelling terribly. By Saturday night it was up near my eye and my pupil was almost fully dilated. Since I love to panic I had convinced myself I was having a stroke or something. I finally calmed myself down and realized it had to be from the bite and it probably had an infection with it. I had some bacterial antibiotics that had been called in and proceeded to take those. By morning my eye was back to normal but I am still very swollen and my face hurts. 

Sunday just turned into a giant stressball. Our poor nurse isn't feeling well and needed to take off today. The nursing agency called and said they had checked with our normal nurses and no one could fill in and did I know anyone else. WTH? No and that's YOUR job.........really irritated me they even said that! So Mike made plans to stay home today. I couldn't stay home because my co worker is out of the office. Well Jude's feeding tube was becoming clogged again and I had contacted the GI office on Friday about getting it changed. That was a cluster in itself and ended with me saying "I shouldn't have to go through this every time his feeding tube gets clogged". I said it nicely I promise. After that sentence they seemed to be on the ball.'s now completely clogged as of this morning. So we are rushing to try to set up Hospice transport but we don't think they will make it in time. Jude has an 11 am appointment in downtown Fort Worth. That means Mike will be taking Jude alone and although he isn't that worried about traveling with Jude I am. If you remember the last time we transported without another person to suction Jude choked and coded. So I am hunting someone that could ride with him to help. He is leaving around 10 I am sure. 

It seems it never ends. I am not having a pity party but I am frustrated. I can only imagine how Jude feels. 

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