Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday morning update

Not much to update this morning. Jude had a decent night. His GI came to see him and believes the Baclofen pump doesn't work for him and needs to come out. However again he isn't strong enough for surgery yet. They are thinking Jude caught a viral respiratory illness on top of these other issues and that's why he is admitted. However I still think there is a lot of guesswork and I am hoping they do bring in the Baclofen pump specialist. I will be going to the hospital later today and staying tonight. I am not sure if I will be at work tomorrow or if I will have someone sit with him.

The Palliative care team from the first hospital did call the other day but there still isn't much they can do until they see Jude. We also requested one at the current hospital but we haven't seen them yet. I am sure that will be later today.

In addition the doctor said the Dallas hospital is overflowing with pediatric respiratory cases. So wash your hands and keep your kids at HOME if they are sick please.


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