Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Jude's procedure, Easter fun, and the pageant

Jude has to be at Cook's at 6am for his procedure tomorrow. I am less than thrilled that I didn't find out until after 2pm what time he had to be there. I am nervous but I think he will do fine during the procedure. I will be sure to post updates on Facebook throughout the day. I will also post a finally recap on here letting everyone that he is okay. He has been very happy lately, but not sleeping well. I am hoping the Botox helps his tone and helps him sleep a little better. However, I will take his smiles any time day and night because they are precious and I am very thankful for them.

This weekend was full of festivities and preparedness for Emily's upcoming pageant this weekend. We met with Beaux who has been getting Emily ready and with Katie. Katie won a title with Emily before so it's a great thing they are competing together again. Katie is on the miss side and Emily is on the teen and they have become friends. On our way to meet the group we stopped off and picked out a few little gifts to celebrate the Easter holiday. However, we didn't think about the fact that providing chocolate prior to Miss Dallas may not have been the best idea. We got some very good laughs out of the pictures they took! This is the "Thanks a lot Em for NOTHING" picture. They all shared the photo's on various social media sites and would add #diet.

I am glad Emily has met these two. It amazes me that Emily can be so quiet and shy but then get up in front of a auditorium of 500 people and speak with ease. I think getting her involved with a  system that focuses on interview has been a great thing. Beaux has been encouraging Emily to be herself! To not listen to people that tell her what she needs to be, but focus on what she feels is important. I think this has been a great life lesson! I am also glad they laughed until their stomachs hurt this weekend. Emily has a fairly large cheering section attending this weekend including my family, her dads family, friends, and her first pageant coach Cristina and family. Emily is suddenly very very excited!

After we met with Beaux and Katie we went to my cousins house for Easter dinner. Sometimes I get my feelings hurt and I feel like my family doesn't really fit in anywhere. That's my own hang up, so it was nice to have her invite us. She even included my best friend Gina! I don't get to see my cousin often because our lives are so busy being intertwined with work and home. While I was at her house I was reminded how everyone has a place and a reason for being in a family. As Emily clung to my cousins adopted son I saw how loved he is by all of us. I was reminded that a family is what you make of it. Have patience, be kind, and be supportive. The positive energy you project will eventually come back to you 100 fold and until that time you can just be satisfied that you loved with all your heart.

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