Friday, February 28, 2014

The MRI and renovations

Jude's neurologist had ordered an MRI of Jude's brain to see how his brain looks now that he is older. We went in yesterday and were suppose to have him seen by 9:30, but that didn't happen. They had an emergency so Jude didn't get in for his MRI until almost 1pm. He had to be sedated and have a breathing tube so it was a little stressful for me. Prior to going in he was a very happy little boy.

Luckily Jude came through the procedure just fine. We have a running joke now that every birthday or anniversary I have is spent in a procedure...which is fine, it's just pretty funny.

The renovations are DUSTY, but coming along amazingly. The builder literally took 99 cent a square foot tile and turned it into what looks like a very expensive remodel job. I am so impressed! They even through in granite where the glass will go. Here is an updated picture.

The glass will go where that granite is. I will have to get a little curtain to cover the other area to keep the water in. Now they have started the widening of our door so it will be easier to get Jude through.

So we are getting there!! I know Jude is ready for a regular bath so I am hoping we can use the shower soon. Very happy this is getting done. We are blessed!

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