Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's ok to say no and all is okay

Jude is doing well. He threw up on Sunday night and sucked the throw up back down into his throat before we could race to suction it so we are looking for signs of aspiration pneumonia. However, so far he is nothing but smiles and happy.......as long as mommy is holding him. He is still very vocal if I don't hold him. So we set an ortho appointment for Jude for July. His legs seem to be giving him some issues and we are going to find out what else we can do for him to alleviate the pain.

On the other side of life things are doing very well.  Emily's Smile Boxes is still sending out several packages a week. She is also planning her 5th anniversary party and it's growing rapidly. Mike's job is still well and so is mine. So for the most part our life mimicks something normal. We are enjoying it.

After my blog post that upset a reader I decided to re-evaluate things a bit in my life and I realized I had forgotten who I was a bit. I had not truly found my tongue for a long time.  I thought I had posted something really wrong and then I realized I just posted what I felt.......and that was OKAY! I didn't want to read anymore horrible tragic stories for awhile. These stories being sent to me were not associated to Emily's Smile Boxes, my personal blog, or anything else and it was truly okay to say I didn't need anymore additional stress. It's okay to say ........no. I try to teach my daughter that now that it's okay to say "I just cannot do that right now".  Sometimes we have to protect our own frame of mind and emotional well being.

I am feeling pretty rotten today. I think it's allergies, but whatever it is it's whipped my tail. I am ready for my bed. I think I will go home and take Jude into my room and flip on the TV.

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Kim C. said...

Good for you, well said :)