Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update from this morning.

Well it's another GLORIOUS morning (what show is that from?). Mike called my name this morning about 6:15am to tell me Jude's med port had come open and had leaked his food all over his bed. Of course Mike thought I didn't close it the night before, but I know I did. I watched the food go in because I was checking to make sure the line was open. If I had left the port open his red medication would have been everywhere and it wasn't. I think he coughed so hard throughout the night the pressure opened the port. However, now that we are a few years into caring for a special needs child I can tell you that you do and WILL make mistakes. I have gotten to the point now that if I make a mistake I understand there isn't anything I can do about it after the fact except learn not to do it again.

So I stripped Jude's sheets, changed his clothes, and put him into our bed. I then hooked up his feed again with about 6 ounces so he would get some nutrition. He finally fell back to sleep, but then woke up and threw up twice.

Again, it was another glorious morning, lol! However I did enjoy his sweet smiles with me this morning

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Diane2012 said...

You guys are angels on heaven. No one can ever truly understand what you go through without walking in your shoes.

You are a great role model!!!