Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dr Moser update (Ob)

I saw my ob just a bit ago. I am lucky that she is very close to my office. She basically said what I have written in all my blogs that they just don't know! Thankfully someone just admitted it though......."we don't know". She said that Dr Twickler (MRI) thought it was very worrisome but noted that the brain is not developed yet. She said that in a normal circumstance they wouldn't catch this until the third trimester and it would be to late to do anything anyway. She said that Dr Twickler is the expert, and if she cannot tell us a definitive answer no one will. So since the two experts were so gloomy and gave us really nothing but bad news I was happy that Dr Moser was a bit brighter.
I asked her:
1. We are dealing with the most complex organ in the body that dr's just don't know much about: yes
2. How many cases are there where this probably wasn't ever even caught: probably many
3. So it's reasonable to think some of these cases may have had a positive outcome: yes
4. So it's also reasonable to think some of these just didn't have a good outcome: yes
5. Does that mean it was caught sometimes even after birth: yes
6. What was her main concern? The bleed on the brain....she is interested to know what happened

She then went on to say I would be seeing her every other week. I would see Dr Gloom next door for re-scans every 3 weeks. If the ventricles start to increase we will take it from there. Basically we are 2 weeks out from being able to terminate but at this point I cannot bring myself to do that. I asked her about the possibility of Dandy Walker syndrome and I didn't understand her response very well. Basically I believe she was saying the baby had a possibility of 2 issues but not 3 and you have to have 3 for the syndrome. So again it's just a wait and see basis. We go see the neurosurgeon tomorrow at 9am.
As far as the kidney she gave me two choices...1. Go to the hospital and she is putting me on Iv's to flush out the kidney. 2. Go home and lay down, take pain meds, and push lots of fluids if it gets worse again go to the hospital. I am currently doing neither and at work drinking a lot of water. I don't really feel like getting up and down but it's not hurting as bad as it was earlier. Mike and I did talk about the fact this baby may have some serious issues. We also talked about that quality of life if better than quantity and that if his quality is not good it will really affect Emily too which isn't fair either. So if thing look very bleak over the next 2 weeks we will sadly take the next step I am sure. Although, I have faith that this will still all resolve itself. On the sono today they told us his brain still looked normal (Which means again they wouldn't have caught this without a level 2 sono). They also said he was growing big and moving around a lot. His heart looked great and so did all the amnio fluid. We can only hope that tomorrow shows his ventricles still measure the same. Dr Moser asked us about delivery. We have decided if we make it to that point we will opt for a c-section to prevent any further damage to his brain. She will also deliver at 37 weeks or as soon as his lungs are mature. Oh and here is a new pic........Mike was very proud of this one. Um it's 100% a boy.

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