Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hard Worker

Recently I mentioned that I have started a side business selling Perfectly Posh. So far I have had great luck because this is a great product. This has reminded me of the days I sold Scentsy when Jude was younger and my family was struggling. Mike had to abruptly quit his job to care for Jude which left our young family in a lurch. We survived off my income for about two years before Mike was able to go back to work. It took awhile for us to play catch up and to get in a better position.  I have signed a few special needs moms up underneath me to sell Posh. I watch their Facebook posts and what an amazing job they are doing trying to launch their business. I would like to encourage people to support their business whether it's Posh, Scentsy, or another multi marketing company. See that was me once. I didn't want to ask for help financially so I worked as hard as I could to build up a side business to help support my family. When people ask what they can do to help another special needs family I encourage support. 

Help promote their business by sharing their posts.
Help by purchasing Christmas items from them if you can.
Share their business cards with others and tell them about their products. 
Offer to host a part for them, I know it's a pain but it will mean the world to a hard working mom who just needs a break.
Remember the products are normally amazing!

These simple steps can help encourage and uplift mothers who already have a lot on their plate. There are of course other ways to help special needs family's but I wanted to point this one out because I watch these women. I admire them! 

If you cannot do this then maybe one of the following;

1. Call to say hello because that mom probably has zero time to think about calling someone else. 
2. Be graceful if she forgets your birthday or cannot make it to an event. Give her the benefit of the doubt. 
3. Stop by and see her. One of the greatest things for me was Gina coming by and just sitting with me and watching TV. She knew I couldn't leave Jude and she never once complained. 
4. Another great thing was a friend hired a housekeeper for me for three months. I know this isn't feasible for most people but MAN that was amazing!!!  
5. Listen to them when they cry. They don't need advice they just need to vent. 
6. Try to make things easier for them because their life is already hard enough. 

I hope this inspires someone. 

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schizencephaly awareness said...

Thank you for helping me as Noahs health has gotten harder to deal with. Having an opportunity to work at home and still be with him means everything.