Monday, February 8, 2016

The weekend update

I ran across this old picture today on Facebook and it made me smile. Jude's cheeks look so pink and healthy and Emily just adores Jude.

My kids have a great bond with each other. However the other night Emily was telling me how it's so odd for her to be around other children Jude's age that can run, jump, and play. I do have to admit that it made me rather sad for her that she missed the experience of having an ornery little brother around. Although I am grateful for the blessings that Jude has bestowed on Emily's life. 

Years ago I had a former client who saw a picture of Jude and asked me what happened to him. I explained the situation and she proceeded to tell me that my ancestors must have done something terrible and I was cursed with their punishment. It took every ounce of strength for my fellow co worker to stay seated and not march into my office and take care of the situation. I just cocked my head to the side and began to squint at her and wondered how she functioned daily. I was kind and just replied that I personally think my ancestors did something amazing because Jude was a huge blessing. She didn't seem to like that answer much. 

Jude didn't have the easiest weekend. When our Friday night nurse arrived she said she heard zero air movement in his lungs and was afraid he was getting sick again. She worked with him and finally got some ronchi sounds. Saturday the fill in night nurse no showed on us which was just LOVELY. Especially since Jude was already not feeling well and was a huge aspiration risk. Mike stayed up with Jude while I slept and then I took over at about 3am. Of course Jude decided to puke and poop for me instead of Mike. Jude thought that was very funny too. Sunday Jude started running a fever of 100.4 and had some significant oxygen issues throughout the day. In the evening he was miserable and nothing would appease him except me holding him. If I laid him down he would start crying again so I spent the better part of the evening holding Jude. We had a fill in night nurse last night and she did pretty well with him. She did end up having to give him some Morphine to help his respiratory system. Today's report earlier in the day was more positive so I am hoping he will feel better tonight. 

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lilbets said...

What a lovely photo of your 2 beautiful children. Hope Jude is feeling better