Friday, February 19, 2016

A good evening with a bad night

My prior writing mentioned that I had started reading my blog again from the start. That combined with my Facebook memory feeds I realize just how much I have grown as a person. The little things used to upset me so much more than they do now. I have always been outspoken but some things aren't worth the battle anymore. I thank everyone for loving me for who I am. 

Jude had an amazing evening with me. I got him out of his bed and he wanted to sit up in my lap. So I held him as he tried to balance his neck and he was so responsive to Emily talking to him. He would smile and say "Hiiiiiiii" and she spoke to him sweetly. It was like old times and so refreshing to see. However he did get very tired and I am afraid that caught up to him later on. Our Friday and Saturday night nurse filled in last night for us and Jude was a bit of a challenge for her. He cried for hours and I came out to help her calm him down. I patted and talked sweetly to him as she cleared his respiratory and gave him medications. She then crawled into his bed to hold him and he nestled in and calmed down. I then went off to bed to get some rest. 

Jude has good hours and bad hours but we loved the good hours yesterday. Also per my prior post I am working on getting myself out from under water. I am taking baby steps and it's helping. I am learning I am actually pretty healthy but dealing with constant stress and emotional turmoil is going to eventually take a toll. It feels good to admit that. 

The final appeal for Jude's health insurance has been submitted. Let's hope their doctor makes a rational decision. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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