Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Texas Teen and Jude's visit

It's taken me a few days to finally get around to writing this blog. I think I had to get all of my feelings in check regarding the entire weekend and the big trip to Houston. The trip started out eventful because Jude was still not feeling well. I soon realized that transporting him to the hospice house by ourselves was going to be challenging. I also thought it might lead to increased health issues for Jude which I didn't want. So I called Hospice and they set up transportation for him via Med Star to the facility and then back home. Here is a little picture of us coming home. (You can click the photo's to make them larger)

Jude looks a lot weaker to me lately and he is very pale. I have also noticed that his secretions are very thick. He has been rigid and toned out and just having some issues. I am not sure what's going on but I still get a few smiles from him. 

The drive to Houston was a BEAST and sent me into a huge panic attack. I do not like highways Sam I am. I do not like them with rain, I do not like them with wrecks, I do not like the highways any way you have them. It poured on us the entire way there and my poor husband was about to throw me out of the car. Luckily we arrived at the Hilton Post Oak in one piece and we proceeded to greet our friends. It was a rare date night for Mike and myself and we had such big plans which turned into .........going to! We were exhausted and it's rare we don't have nurses or oxygen machines going so we both slept very soundly. The next night we held a cocktail party in our room for everyone that had supported and sponsored Emily for the year as Miss Dallas teen. There were several toasts that were given in her honor and I was in tears feeling blessed. Soon we were off to the prelims to watch the girls compete! Since Emily's city was at the beginning of the event she was one of the first to introduce herself. All week she had mentioned how excited she was that she would get to say Emily Lites - DALLAS! 

 The girls then competed in swimwear and evening gown and Emily truly looked like a princess in her evening gown. The girls are required to do all their own hair and makeup and we were very proud of the job Emily did. TO our great surprise Emily won the photogenic award that night out of 84 girls. 

We were so excited for her and she was thrilled. Emily did phenomenal! She came out of interview saying she gave the best interview she has given. Miss Texas was sitting with us when Emily told us about her interview and she commented that she judged Emily at Dallas and her interview was wonderful. So we went into the next day pretty confident that Emily would finally be called for the top 15. It had been four years of hard work and preparation. So when they began calling the top 15 we listened with great excitement, but then..........then they got to 10 and she hadn't been called. Then 15 and still no Emily. So they announced they had a tie and there were two more spots to fill and our hearts raced just knowing she would be called, but she wasn't. We were broken hearted for her. All that work. 

Emily stood in the back with a big smile and clapped happily for the winner. She always has such grace and poise. At first I was angry because I didn't understand but I reminded myself of several factors. First and foremost although it's a lot of work it's just a pageant and not placing is very much a first world issue. Second, it was a great weekend spent with friends and pageant friends that have turned into family. Third, although she hasn't placed Emily HASN'T given up and that is extremely admirable. Fourth, Texas is the most competitive state with the most contestants.  Finally, my husband pointed out that what is most important is that Emily had fun and she did. So I decided to focus on this excited face when she won photogenic and know it was a good weekend.  

and I think the award was well deserved :)

Emily will always be a winner in my book and someday she will get in that top 15! 

We are all now back home and trying to catch up on sleep and unpacking. Hopefully Jude will stay well and it will be a healthy happy Christmas. 


Reagan Leigh said...

She is beyond gorgeous and what's even better is that she has such a great heart!! I know you just be so proud of her!!

Stacey Nicole said...

I barely know you and Emily (only through the blog and when we were connected on Facebook), but I am not surprised that she won Miss Photogenic. Look at her! She beams radiance, confidence, beauty, charm, compassion in every single photo that I have ever seen of her. I love that she can hold her head high in spite of not placing, which speaks a lot about her character. I too am bummed that she has not placed, but kudos to her for sticking with her dreams, and you, Mike, and her dad being there to support her.

As an aside, I don't have near the road anxiety that you do, but when we go to Houston to visit my birth family, I don't handle it well. I could imagine how hard it was for you with the weather and all. Also bummed Jude is struggling. He's such a doll and I love his smile, so it hurts me to see him (and all of you) hurting. :(

Christa Frantz said...

She is just beautiful! You must be so proud:)