Tuesday, December 29, 2015

An update from the lab

The facility that received the lab work called about an hour ago. They said Jude's white blood cell count is slightly elevated at 13.7. However his Neutrophils are high at 10,727. A normal range is 1500-8000. My understanding of Neutrophils are they are the most common white blood cell found in the body. They are basically the first warriors on the scene and have toxic chemicals in them to help kill off bacteria. I hope I explained that correctly because I learn as I go on these subjects. The assistant explained that you can have high levels of Neutrophils when you are fighting a bacterial infection, when you take certain drugs, or even when you smoke. Looking back at Jude's history in the Cook's portal I found a trend. Any time Jude had pneumonia his WBC was slightly elevated and his Neutrophils were through the roof. However she also said this could be caused if his body is just really stressed out. In other words if Jude's body is just so sick it's starting to shut down. 

When I got up this morning I was happy to see that Jude was alert. He didn't smile much and was very pale but he was resting comfortably and looking around. Around 11am Charlotte texted that they had a good day so far. We currently don't have a nurse scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights this week. The nursing facility is working on getting someone but if they don't we have already decided to call in hospice. Jude is just to sick and weak to go without a nurse. Mike and I can take shifts but we feel it would be a disservice to Jude. 

It's been a bit of a frustrating week and I feel like a whine bag. It's been a host of issues from broken appliances to lack of nursing. Plus I am yet again back to thinking if we get Jude well this time he will just go through this all over again and I feel guilty for it. I will post more when I hear more from the hospice doctor. 

I found this quote today, "God will not look you over for medals, degrees, or diplomas, but for scars". -- Elbert Hubbard. Well then when the time comes he will welcome Jude without any hesitation for he is full of battle scars. 

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meme said...

have you thought about cutting back on the things that make jude live and if he goes home to God then his pain is over or if he keeps living on his own then help him I hope this doesnt sound cruel because its not meant to but jude is in pain and crys thats so sad maybe the release from that pain would be a blessing,You both are great parents but there comes a time to let go that being said I would hate for you to go through sorrow be brave pray and do what is best for jude. I have read your blog from the beginning! God Bless you and little jude