Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Quit complaining

As I scrolled my Facebook feed this morning I noticed a disturbing trend. I noticed there was one complaint after another regarding the holidays, life, or what seemed like rather insignificant things. Last week I had an old friend stop by my office and he made me smile several times. He made a few comments about complaints and then he paused and said, "Look who I am complaining to.... it must be hard for you to hold my tongue sometimes." I guess it can be but for the most part I am just thankful that most people don't know the experience of having an extremely ill child. Sometimes I want to tell people that when they complain about being tired there is a mom out there that has been up with their terminally ill child for days. When they complain about the holidays there is a dad out there that doesn't get to experience putting toys together or playing Santa to his child because that child is so sick. That when they complain about going to the store or the mall that there are parents out there that don't really know how to shop for their ill child or they have lost a child they once shopped for. So maybe we should all including myself take a minute to remember to be grateful for all we DO have and DO get to accomplish this holiday season. 

Jude is acting ill again but I am not sure if it's the weather or if he is truly sick. I asked him if he apologized to nurse Candice last night because he gave her such a rough time. It wasn't an easy evening with him on my part or overnight with her. He was very rigid, crying, ran a bit of a fever, but then he would smile. It was like he would experience every emotion possibly in a five minute time frame and then it would just cycle again. I have noticed an increase in seizure activity with Jude and plan on placing a call to his neuro today. 

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