Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Is it day or night?

Jude is struggling with mixing his night and days up. I hear this is a common problem in nursing home along with "Sundowners". Jude exhibits a lot of behaviors of the elderly. Last night seemed to be a bit better because he was awake when I got home and stayed that way until the night nurse got there. He was very happy but every now and then would stiffen up and cry out. I got up several times last night to check on him and at one point he was sound asleep. I was so happy to see that he was actually sleeping at the appropriate time. However when I got back up later on and he was having a party in his bed. He was just looking around and was very wide awake. 

Jude's feeding tube is getting hard to push again so I am predicting a trip to the hospital again to get it changed. That's the one factor that keeps us continuing to visit the hospital. I have to admit that I am really looking for to the holiday break. I think we will be without a nurse on Christmas night but at least we don't work the following day and can sleep. 

Hope everyone is well. 

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