Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend update

We didn't have a night nurse on Thursday so Mike took off work Friday so he could care for Jude. We then didn't have a night nurse last night so I stayed up. I have NO idea how I did this for six years because I am exhausted today. When a normal night nurse would go home to sleep we are going into work. However Jude was actually pretty good. He didn't fall asleep until about midnight and then he needed medications at 1am and 5am. He did vomit about 5 something but overall he was very sweet. He really appreciates when someone loves on him and cares for him. He craves human touch and gives you big smiles back. 

Tonight we have a new nurse that is filling in and I hope she is good! We also have another nurse starting the night shift tomorrow. I am hoping we can find some good reliable people that are sweet to Jude. I loved his nurse Cynthia and she will still fill in PRN at night but she had to adjust her schedule for her children. 

Jude stayed overnight at the hospice house on Saturday so we could show our house. It was a chore getting him up there but he loved it. Nurse Allen went with him and stayed during the days and Cynthia stayed with him at night. Allen said all the nurses just loved him and doted on him and Allen was so impressed with the facility. It was strange not having Jude with us overnight but it did give Mike and I our first night alone together in 5 years. It was needed.

Hopefully it will be a good week! 

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goodie girl said...

Praying for your home to sale and you can move all to the new home.