Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A sad little Jude and a heck of a morning

Yesterday evening when I walked into the house form work poor Jude was crying in pain. I felt so bad for him. Charlotte said she had really tried everything and wasn't sure what was bothering Jude. I decided I would pull him out of his bed and hold him for awhile. After 15 minutes he started to calm down and eventually fell asleep in my arms. I sat there watching a movie and held him for awhile so he could sleep. Eventually I tried to move him to his bed so I could get some dinner but he woke up very upset again. It was so sad and so hard to watch him upset with his little bottom lip quivering. We had a new night nurse come and orient with him last night and I felt terrible for her. I explained that she had walked in on a bad night with Jude and we went through everything I would do in the current situation. She was very sweet and pulled him out of the bed and started to hold him. He still kept crying and was turning his head back to look at me so I asked the nurse to review the MARS (medication list) and other information while I held him. The evening continued like this until about 2am when the nurse got Jude to fall asleep.

About 5 we heard Jude retching so I got up to check on him briefly. Mike then checked on him and the nurse informed him Jude had thrown up formula.........no bueno! Jude had a G/J tube and formula should not be in Jude's stomach at all. Last week I noted when he vomited that I also smelled formula but I thought maybe it was a fluke. I should learn to trust myself more when evaluating medical situations with Jude. Sometimes I just don't speak up loud enough. So on my way to work today I called hospice and requested transport to Cooks. While hospice worked on transport I called Cooks to see if I could set an appointment with the doctor. While they tried to get an appointment I worked on getting registration to allow Jude to arrive with Charlotte via a medical release from us. In the midst of this the nursing agency called to get an evaluation of the nurse last night. It's been one huge cluster of a morning. Luckily everything fell into place! Hospice is having a Med Star ambulance pick Jude up at 11:45 to transport he and Charlotte to Cook's. The ambulance will then wait an hour for Jude's procedure and transport them back home. What we will pray for is that there is nothing that would require surgery and that this is an easy fix. I am also praying this was not caused by the same negligence of mistreatment associated to the prior party in question. I am hoping this is a fluke. However the button is rotating and it should not move.

So it's been an adventurous morning combined with more car issues and high frustration levels. Like my friend Paula said "do you ever have a normal morning"...lol!

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