Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A quick little update

So Jude had a terrible day/night on Monday and we were growing concerned there was an infection or something happening due to the tube mishap. We did discover the area around the tube placement was very red. Jude was in so much pain that nothing would control the situation at hand. Hospice came out that day and requested that we give pain medications every few hours to stay on top of the pain so he could rest. This seems to have worked because Charlotte said he is having a much better day today. 

So I have been very busy lately and it is becoming overwhelmingly exhausting. I try to keep work and my personal life separate but sometimes being so busy during the day absolutely wears me out for home. I am also struggling again with people complaining over first world problems. When did so many people become so concerned about designer labels and other materialistic items. When did it become okay to throw a huge hissy fit over those labels? I don't know. I guess to each his own but I find myself a bit frazzled and frustrated today with certain situations. When I hear people complain about such frivilous items I thank the Lord for Jude. He has taught me what's really important in life and to embrace every step of our path together. Jude is a great teacher. 

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