Monday, May 18, 2015

Follow up

Mike and Jude made it to the hospital and back! They decided to change Jude's AMT GJ feeding tube out with the MIC Key brand and increased the size. Mike said there was a small complication and that they had issues with the guide wire. However they got it fixed and Jude was okay. 

Jude has been throwing up brown residue at home for about the last week and half. I did call once the boys left and asked the doctor what he thinks it could be. Radiology stated they didn't see anything and the GI doctor told me to call hospice. You know the old you call her no you call him situation. So I put a call into hospice to see if their doctor can evaluate the situation. 

So they are home safe and sound :)

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Reagan Leigh said...

Awesome! So glad y'all finally got that switched over to a Mickey! Hopefully that'll put an end to your clogging issues! Glad they got everything sorted out and taken care of! Love it when drs pass the buck...:(