Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cough cough Jude

Last night my husband encouraged me to go to a party my dear friend was hosting for the much anticipated pay per view fight. I am not a huge boxing fan but when I heard my husband say that Jude's situation is enveloping me I decided I should venture out. I went into the bathroom and ran my hand down my very pale and fluffy face but then I packed up the deviled eggs I made and we went to the event. I had fun seeing everyone and it was nice talking to others but my mind was constantly on Jude. I am sure I seemed tired and distracted.

Remember the amazing nurse I mentioned yesterday that scooped Jude out of my arms during the horrible night he had? Well she called in yesterday evening.  I think "the horrible night"  was all just to much for her and I would never judge her for that. I hope she comes back next week but through my blog we have all learned that may not happen. The night was extremely emotional and she knows how sick Jude is, she even told me she was surprised Jude is still fighting. So Carol filled in last night and about midnight she texted me Jude was not having a good evening and she had exhausted all measures I explained we were less than five minutes from home and we would be there soon to help her. After evaluating the medications she gave Jude I decided to hold off on giving him anything else and I picked Jude up like I did the night before and carried him to the couch. I sat and stroked his hair kissing his cheek and told him all would be okay. Slowly he drifted off to sleep and Carol took a deep breath. She said "You are his hero"...........and I said "Oh don't understand........he is my hero". She just smiled and said "Then it's a perfect fit."  I then laid Jude down in his bed and told Carol I was going to get ready for bed. Then as late as it was I poured myself a large glass of wine and soaked in a hot bath for probably an hour!

Jude looks much better today!! However his situation changes hourly. There are some things that I am noting. Jude is having frequent coughing attacks that he is having a hard time recovering from. His nurses can no longer hear any breath sounds(at all) in his lower lung lobes. When Jude coughs he doesn't get many secretions out which in itself can be a negative situation because his cough is no longer productive. Again there is no time table on Jude and seeing how I got some great smiles today I think he is still fighting his good fight.

Tomorrow I go back to work and on lunch I have decided to start working out again. Maybe it will help my overall demeanor and help my physical well being. Combined with walking the dog each night I might just shed a few pounds and spark a cute trend.

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