Monday, December 15, 2014

Well that's Jude for you. RAPID change.

After my last blog the nurses ran another round of IV antibiotics for Jude. The nurse spent some time trying to get Jude to open his eyes but he just wouldn't comply. He was pretty non responsive and I could tell she was very nervous. So as the antibiotics ran they did another breathing treatment. When the medication ended Jude went from looking like this.

to this

Amazing! He literally went from possibly going back to ICU to probably turning the corner within a few hours. The doctor said the effusions were actually on both sides and he believes the pneumonia was in both sides from the start. So he doesn't think the report is accurate that it spread to the left lung because it was already there to begin with.  He said the central pneumonia is still pretty impressive but the effusions look so much better. So he said if Jude can go a night without major medical intervention then he will send him home. We all know that's the best place for him.

The volunteers brought Jude some Christmas pillows today and my friend Ginger brought him a Rudolph. That's awesome because I haven't been able to do ANY Christmas shopping (that's your forewarning Anyway, I am holding out hope that Jude continues to improve today. One thing that always lingers in our mind is just as quickly as he gets better he can rapidly get worse. So we are praying that he continues on this positive path.

We also pray that the new feeding tube will prevent this from happening again.

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Micernice said...

Here's hoping that you're on your way home soon!!! Sending good vibes from the cold North :o)