Friday, December 26, 2014

How is Jude?

I keep getting this question, "How is Jude?" and I am never really sure how to answer. It's hard to give an accurate answer when I am not sure myself. Some hours he seems perfectly fine and others he seems to really struggle. Sometimes Jude seems so tired and has such a hard time that I just pat him to reassure him. Other times he is smiling big, has his normal color, and seems like he is on the mend.

We have figured out a few things.

1. Jude cannot be on room air for to long. If he is left on room air then it takes us about 5 hours to stabilize him later in the day and get his oxygen level at a normal reading. He also will gasp, moan, and grimace in pain. So we now keep him on some sort of oxygen and generally more oxygen at night.

2. Hospice moves quickly. We are not used to that but it's awesome. They can get a hold of medications and doctors when it sometimes takes us hours. It must really be a calling to be a nurse or a hospice nurse.

3. Moving Jude's bed near our room has made our lives and Jude's life easier.

4. Just because you cannot hear pneumonia in the lung doesn't mean it's not there. It's a silent pain that creeps up without anyone knowing.

We called the doctor's office again today because Jude looked pale and was rather lethargic. The antibiotic ended today so hospice asked the doctor if they could extend the medication. They didn't want to and just increased the breathing treatments. Mike and I know Jude well and we know the pneumonia is still there. We know he needs Iv's but sometimes the doctor's just don't listen. I will hope I am wrong in this situation but generally I tend to be pretty accurate. I told the hospice nurse that on more than one occasion I have told the doctor that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck! We will keep a close eye on Jude and hope that the extra breathing treatments, some CPT, and extra fluids will clear this infection out. I have been wrong before and in this case I will gladly put my tail between my legs. We all know healing without antibiotics is better but serious infections that cause effusions and threaten lives sometimes require those medications.

The cutest part of today was that despite all of Jude's new wires and tubes I found a way to hold him on the couch like I normally do. Jude literally started GIGGLING! He loved it!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I am SO thankful for our nurse this weekend because I am catching up on sleep. I almost feel whole again (lol) and Jude is getting extra attention because we are rested.

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