Friday, December 19, 2014

About last night

I feel like all I am doing lately is filling up my blog and Facebook with negative activity. However, I feel like if I update then people will keep praying for Jude.

Mike called me from the hospital last night and said the doctor was hesitant about letting Jude go home. Mike explained to the doctor that Jude's pulmonologist had already released him Tuesday. So the doctor agreed to let Jude go if we felt comfortable with the understanding to come back immediately if Jude has anymore issues. We explained that we are hesitant too but that Jude heals better at home and that we all know how much sickness is floating around that hospital (The baby next door to Jude had RSV).  They all agreed he is in harms way being around hospital germs.  Mike had asked Emily and I to come help him get Jude home from the hospital. It was a good thing he did because I had issues with Jude in the car. Emily was in the back of my van with oxygen and the suction for Jude. I feel so bad because she is backed up on homework and was late to tutorials today. However she never complained.

Once we got home I went sprinting with Jude into the house to clear his airway and get him back on oxygen. It took him hours to stabilize and I think that's because any movement, ride in a car, or changing of rooms just takes everything out of him. I would clear Jude's congestion and get his O2 back up only to watch it fall again and to start the process over again. I switched him from the oxygen tank to the converter and back again. Finally I just pulled out the blow up mattress and parked myself in front of Jude's bed. Finally about 2:15 I gave him some Benadryl to see if it would help with his secretions at all and it did. He finally relaxed and settled into a sleep and surprisingly kept his O2 stats up with the 5 liters of oxygen on.

I got a few hours of sleep before getting up for work. I am going to check on the night nurse again in a little while. Charlotte is with Jude today and she is so good about getting him bathed and keeping his oxygen levels on a good level. I am worried that the pneumonia may have gotten worse in the left lung because he now cannot lay on that side. However they did give him more IV antibiotics yesterday so I am hoping that put the kick into the illness to go away.

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