Friday, January 31, 2014

A busy February.

We won Jude's nursing hours back through the health insurance company. I am very happy about this! I believe we should rely on our insurance if we pay for it versus relying on the state. I am thrilled this was taken care of in the proper manner.

Jude has a pretty full February. He is going back to the ortho to have a check up regarding his legs. I am pretty sure they will need to do another round of Botox on him. The therapist said she is seeing more tone so we need a careful harmony of medications to help him out. Jude also has his MRI at the end of the month which will give us an updated image of his brain. I am not sure what all the neurologist will tell us after the image, but I know it will be beneficial to know what his brain looks like now.

Jude also had blood work ordered to check his seizure medication levels. We need to do this every three months to make sure they aren't to high, aren't to low, and that there isn't liver damage. I received the question today if I am in favor of cannabis oil being use to treat pediatric seizures. My answer is 100% yes. If it works for the child and they are able to eliminate the dangerous medications they take then by all means I think it should be used. I am hoping Texas will eventually allow these trials.

The therapists are also considering applying for a hospital bed that raises and lowers for Jude. I know this will be beneficial for him, us, and the nurses however the term hospital bed just makes me sigh. Oh well.

Anyway, it's 74 today and we are expecting snow on Sunday, welcome to Texas. Have a good weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Jenn I have the sleep safe bed and it goes up and down, plus head and legs too love that bed.

Cjengo said...

That's actually what we have now and I love it too. It doesn't raise and lower though and that's the problem they are having. I think it's a great bed!