Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sleep, contractors, and boxes

Jude got up three times last night. Once around 1:40, once around 4:40 and once around 6. Despite him waking up I still got sleep and feel MUCH better! Do I still plan on spending Saturday in my bed? Yep! However, I feel better. WHEW!

The contractor that came out last night was SO nice! His name is Johnny and he works for Reality Homes. I am still waiting on the final bid but he specifically said he believes he will get close to the lower bid that was given to us by the builder not on the list. Johnny is ON the list! He even said "How in the world did two companies come up with bids over $17,000............what the heck were they measuring?" So let's all cross out fingers. Also, for future reference if you need anything done at your house like remodeling, flooring, roofing, painting, etc I highly recommend:

Johnny Pope - 214-566-9625 or Josh with the Ultimate Builders - 972-345-9315

So let's hope and pray for good news today. I will leave you with this picture I got from a visit we had at Scottish Rite. Emily actually got to take her boxes in and interact with the children vs just dropping the boxes off. She loved it and asked several times to do it again so we are going to cooks on March 14th.

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