Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jude, the bathroom, and life in general

The remodel work is about a week in on the bathroom. It started with demolishing everything.

Then they put up a pony wall

However, we noticed the pony wall wasn't wide enough and the entrance wasn't wide enough for Jude's chair. So today the wall is being moved over and so is the door to our bathroom.  This will be an additional cost, but Mike said it should be minimal.  I am so thankful that this is finally taking place however I do miss my bathtub. I guess it was my own little private island away from the stress of the world and now that it's gone so I am a bit down. Isn't that ridiculous? It's JUST a bath tub! If I could slap myself I would.

Jude is doing well. He had his check up with the Ortho and he said the Botox is working! So therefore, we can delay the surgery longer and continue using the methods we have found to control the pain in Jude's legs. This makes me happy. Also, the other night I put Jude to bed and I was playing his Wee Sings to him and he began singing back. You will really have to turn up the volume, but here is a video.

As you can see Jude is getting very big. He is almost to the point where I cannot physically lift him very well anymore. Although, I still hold him in my lap every night and he just smiles at me. He likes that time.

Emily is well. I took her to Texarkana this weekend to pick up a large Emily's Smile Box donation at a pageant and to attend our friend Cristina's shower. She had a good time.

Life is getting to me a bit today. Over the past few weeks my work has been so busy that I feel like I can barely breathe. This is a good thing as it's job security, but combined with home I am pretty tired. I also heard from an old friend today and if you are reading this know I still miss you everyday! I am sorry that things turned out the way they did.

So I will share with everyone with this funny picture I posted on my facebook. Sums up today.

Tomorrow's another day! I accept my faults and weaknesses and accept my strengths too so I march on!

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