Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday afternoon update

Well when my aunt got here Jude just looked terrible. I could tell she was really worried and I was worried too. So I just sat down on the couch and said I wasn't going to leave. I asked my aunt if she was comfortable enough staying with Jude for a few minutes while I made some calls and grabbed breakfast, and she was. I walked downstairs and called my work and just broke down in tears. I explained Jude wasn't doing well and that I just couldn't leave him. They were understanding and I have been here throughout the day. One day my house will be paid off and I can just do charity work and care for Jude. However, until that time I am abundantly grateful for an understanding boss and amazing crew!

Jude slept until about 1pm and he was up until just a few minutes ago. He pinked up during those few hours and I even got a few laughs. It's so odd how we go from Jude looking just terrible to looking better. He is just my little yo yo. I was actually really worried this morning. I tried to hide it, but I could tell in my aunts face she was worried too.

My sister brought me lunch and my dad stopped by to see Jude today too. I will pray that Jude only continues to improve. He is still on oxygen at this time and is holding at about 94. It's not the best rate, but anything above 91 is their goal.

Here is a picture of Jude from this afternoon. You can see how pale he is, but he still manages a smile. He is such a trooper.

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