Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jude's update, moving on, and Emily's charity.

Jude had a pretty good couple of days. He did throw up a lot of yellow substance today, but he is smiley and temp free. He is very smiley and a happy little boy lately. I am very thankful he is here with us!! Last night I posted a video on Facebook that I would like to share. It truly shows he knows what "I love you" means.

So my entire family is coming in town for Halloween. I am SO excited to see everyone. We do a giant haunted cemetery fundraiser every year for Emily's Smile Boxes. We also pass out over 200 brochures to families explaining what Emily's charity is about. Hopefully we will get some donations, gain some box makers, and inspire some children. Her charity has really been touching a lot of lives lately and it makes me very happy! There is an amazing video at!/emilys.boxesnonprofit?fref=ts . Emily has a 12/8 Christmas box party made and the day after Christmas she is going to visit the children at Scottish Rite with boxes and her Miss Tarrant Teen crown. Very exciting!
Lately I have really been struggling and grieving over the loss of a friendship. I finally started really talking about it yesterday and touched on it on Facebook. It's always been very difficult for me to just walk away or cut someone I truly care about out of my life. Therefore, I can't wrap my brain around someone who can. However, it's been a discovery for me that this is just a trait that some people have. It's not a bad trait. In fact, I think I wish I possessed it sometimes. My husband can do this and not think twice about someone if he feels they are unworthy of his loyalty. Anyway, I would like to really thank my husband, family, and friends for being patient with me. Some didn't fully know what was happening and were just simply patient and supportive. My husband knew everything and has really been there for me. Last night was a bad night and he just simply hugged me...........then looked me in the eye. He pointed at Jude, Emily, and himself and said "This is what's important.......these people will always love you no matter what". How profound. I feel SO much better today and I am ready to move on and forward. No more looking back! It's time to get busy loving the people that love me back.

Make it a good weekend!

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Reagan Leigh said...

I had a similar experience with someone I had been friends with since 3rd grade. And I didn't know what I had done wrong...but sometimes it's not you, it's them! And obviously we're better without these people in our lives! It's sad but true. :(