Friday, October 11, 2013

Jude's doctor visits and updates

Jude had three doctor appointments yesterday. The first visit was a follow up with his regular pediatrician to see how his lungs are doing. Mike said the doctor was amazed he had double pneumonia and an empyema. She said those are very difficult to get over and she was impressed Jude fought through it. She said his lungs sound really good and she thought Jude looked well too.

The next visit was with a new neurologist that will be giving Jude his Botox injections for his legs and the pain he has. They scheduled the injections for 11/19. Even though we will be staying with Dr Riela for Jude's seizure management the new neurologist reviewed his file anyway. He had access to the 3 month MRI that was completed at Cook's hospital when they gave us the dreaded news that Jude would have lasting medical problems. Anyway, by that MRI the doctor told Mike he believes Jude didn't suffer a stroke, but had a neuronal migrational disorder. However, I pointed out to Mike that the new doctor did NOT have access to the in utero MRI which clearly showed the two dark spots (blood) in the choroid Plexus which led that doctor to assume there was an ischemic event (stroke). She said by 3 months the blood would have dissolved. However, if for some reason this doctor is accurate then there are basically two causes Genetic (most are) or something was just wrong with Jude's biological makeup. In the grand scheme of things what happened to Jude doesn't matter it's just taking care of him now. However, if this was genetic and Mike and I were considering having another child........well that's scary!

The last appointment Jude had was with his GI specialist. Mike said the doctor was so happy to see Jude. He said it had been a long time and he was worried about him. He did increase Jude's formula some so Jude will be getting some more nutrition now.

I had a terrible dream last night that I was back in the hospital with Jude. The nurse raised Jude's bed up to much and I saw Jude starting to slide off the bed. I was to far to reach him and the nurse just stood there. I sprinted but couldn't catch Jude before he hit the floor and his head. He had a horrible bruise on his head and I kept trying to tell everyone he needed a CT scan to check for a brain bleed. It was terrible! I have no idea what it meant, but it was a scary dream! Maybe it's the loss of control from not being with Jude everyday like I was when he was sick? I don't know.

This weekend Emily will be turning 15. I am so proud of her and the young lady she has become!

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