Friday, September 28, 2012

A happy Jude and a donation

Jude is doing MUCH better! He started back to school on Tuesday and the day went fairly well. He was very tired by the end of the day and pretty cranky. I think it was just an adjustment after resting due to being so ill. We have come so far as a family within the last four years since Jude was born. We are now our own little rolling hospital and we can care for him very well when he is so sick. I know that if a regular healthy child walked into the ER with the issues Jude had they would have hospitalized them. We are now going on two years without an extended hospital stay (knock on wood).

See I feel much better!

Jude is now smiling again! He finds his own ways to communicate with us, but it's primarily smiling or laughing. When he isn't smiling or laughing.........something is wrong.

Emily is doing well too, but pretty overwhelmed with school. She is keeping her grades up, but I worry about her being over extended sometimes. She has a lot more homework this year then she did last year. She is getting ready for her annual birthday/Emily's Smile Boxes party. This will put her over 5000 boxes passed out to local hospitals to help pediatric patients and their siblings. I am very proud of her charity and how much good it has spread throughout the nation. We just shipped supplies to a church in New York to put together 100 boxes for a local hospital. The hospital had emailed us for help, but we were unable to ship that many boxes. We are very grateful the church is helping make this donation possible.

Well have a good day and keep a positive attitude!

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Kim C. said...

So glad Jude is feeling better! He looks great.