Thursday, September 6, 2012

His wheelchair is here and a reflection

Jude got his new wheelchair! We are just so excited for him. His other chair was so uncomfortable for him and I think it really hurt his back. The mobility sales person and the therapist met at my house last night to fit Jude into the chair. He loved it so much that he fell fast asleep.

Then this morning he actually got to see out of the school bus.
The head rest is really working for him so far in regards to positioning. He has about 30 seconds of neck control before his head falls. So we really like that this rest if keeping his head up for him. We are very blessed. The wheelchair is even in Dallas Cowboys colors and has his name on it.

We are trucking along lately. Mike and I were reflecting today on how far our lives have come in the last few years. We are in a really good place in life right now. We are accepting of what has happened, feel blessed with our children, and we are happy in our marriage. With that being said my life is still pretty chaotic (who's isn't?). So if I don't call, or write, or forget something vitally important to you just know it's not intentional at all.

It's really nice to finally feel happy and accepting. I truly love our life!

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Kim C. said...

Jude looks great, love the new chair!