Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An anti bullying message.

I am sure you have seen this, but I had to share.

Good for her! Obesity may be a problem in America, but so is bullying! There are many medical reasons that women and men can be over weight. He doesn't know if she has one of this issues .......... he doesn't know her at all. It's time we stop looking at people and see color, or weight, or a disability. We need to look at people for what they are.........people. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and without judgement. She acknowledges she has a weight problem and she understands it. I personally look at her and admire her beautiful hair and what high cheek bones she has. Maybe every one's challenge today is to be kind to someone. Notice something beautiful about everyone you come in contact with today and let them know. It may very well just make their day!

When I was in middle school I was going through a very rough time at home. I had very short hair, glasses, a retainer, etc. I was bullied by several classmates and named "Turtle". As I got older and became more self assure I realized I had no control over that situation. No one knew what was going on during my home life, but they should have known not to treat someone so poorly. So I decided I would always proudly accept the Turtle moniker. I also decided I would raise my children to stand up for those being mistreated vs being one of the children that did the bullying. I am proud to say that Emily is very outspoken when she sees someone being teased (especially if they are disabled). My husband is the same way (and he wasn't always like that). So I hope you will join us and let's stomp out bullying!

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Anonymous said...

Turtle is absolutely a compliment!!!