Monday, October 8, 2012

Dreams off track and what to do

Wow, I have been pretty overwhelmed with decision lately and to be honest.........I have completed ONE of them! We have to convert a bathroom for Jude..........and we are unsure how to. Our half bath backs up to our main bath so there is no way to convert the half bath without tearing into the master bath....confused yet? Our master bath cannot be converted due to the tub/shower issue. Which means we would have to convert our master closet into the handicap shower..........this means we lose resale value (big time). I did have one idea. We could convert the half bath and let it take over part of the master bathroom. This would leave the rest of the prior master bath as extra closet space. We could then push out into the backyard and add on a master bath. However, I have NO idea the expense or if I could even refinance with this option. It would add lots of value, but again it may come down to money. Issue is Jude is now over half my height. For moms of four year olds let's put this in 4 year old cute disabled little boy is as tall as my friends 9 year old son. eeek! lol.
The other thought has been to move.........but I love my house. I realize it's just a material possession, but I love it. If we move Mike wants land. So the thought was to buy something older so it would be easier to convert a room. So we are really up in the air on this subject and I am at a loss.

I am also struggling with knowing my boss will eventually retire from his position and wondering what avenues I should take in life. I like my job. I have the majority of my family and friends insured at our agency. I just hope I can be here for a long while. Other major decision is my husband and I would both like another child....not to replace Jude because he is irreplaceable, but it was always the plan. We have just been seriously side tracked and derailed from our plan. I have no idea if we will pursue this dream either, but a lot if up in the air right now.

Jude is well. He is smiling and happy. His G button site is a bit pink but the antibiotic ointment is helping.

Oh and now that it is getting colder be be kitty has been popping at the door again. I let him in and he wants back out. I put him out and he wants back in. It's a battle!

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